Teaching Experience:

Political Science 4327: Politics of the Middle East (four semesters)

This course exposes students to some of the most pressing questions and debates surrounding the social, economic, and political development of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region and equips them to critically analyze competing arguments and explanations with causal reasoning and empirical evidence.

You can find a sample syllabus here.

Political Science 2300: American Foreign Policy (two semesters)

This course explores America’s role in world politics. Students analyze the key actors in the U.S. foreign policy making process as well as some of the most salient issues facing the U.S. in world affairs today, while building up their causal reasoning, critical thinking, and data literacy skills.

You can find a sample syllabus here.

IRP/AMP 84-765: Advanced Research Methods (one semester)

This course develops students’ abilities to consume, critique, and conduct research in political science and other related disciplines. The course surveys key issues in causal inference and research design at the master’s level, while also serving as a workshop for the development of master’s thesis proposals.

You can find a sample syllabus here.

IRP 84-265: Political Science Research Methods (one semester)

In this course, students will learn how to read, evaluate, and begin the process of conducting their own research in political science. The course surveys key issues in causal inference and research design at the undergraduate level, with students applying these new concepts and skills to the development of their own research proposals.

You can find a sample syllabus here.